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little difference

It really hit me today. Should I just disappear one day it wouldn’t really matter to anyone. 
Nobody can’t live without me. Everybody can live without me. 
I’m not actually needed by anyone. 
Or rather no one actually cares unless they need something only I can provide. I’m honestly trying to find the better part of me and hoping to find if I’m even worth anything.

"It won’t matter if you stayed or if you didn’t, there isn’t a difference"

It ain’t your fault actually, it’s just me thinking too much and negatively. Maybe that’s how little I mean to you. I heard that line three times so I guess it’s safe to assume it you really meant it. But I’ll still continue to take care of you, only until you get back on your feet and you no longer need me, before I leave. Maybe, just maybe, I will be a little more than worthless during this period.


Tumblr user ABVH added some internet love to Bansky’s popular street art! 

Animated Banksy - Popular Street Art Gets Converted to GIF

via Laughing Squid


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Buttero AW12 @ Pitti Uomo 81

Source: Men’s Reverie


Dr. Martens for Hypebeast 3989 Brogue


Alden x Leffot, paired with Rogue Territory AR-G trousers…


For 2012, let’s get back to the fundamentals. For example, dark denim and brown wingtips always looks A+. It’s so easy you might just be able to stick to a resolution for once.

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